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Welcome to
e-Mobility Revolution
by MiPower Electric Bus

MiPower Electrical Bus is a distributor and retailer of New Energy Buses, Coaches and Light Commercial and personal Vehicles.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, the company’s headquarters boast a distribution centre with pre-delivery facility and well-stocked parts warehouse along with the corporate offices.

Low Maintenance Cost, Low Power Consumption

New Energy vehicles are Cheaper to run, Cheaper to maintain, Less pollution, Renewable energy, Eco-friendly materials

Longer Mileage than other EV Buses
High Climbing Angle
High Adaptability
Lower Cost than other EV Buses

Quality is our Main Motivation

Our dealer workshops offer quick turnaround and flexible scheduling to suit your business needs.
We provide high quality technical service and support for all our South African and international customers.

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